We created these new fragrances for BLAM Gallery in Brooklyn , who challenged us to create a scent diffusion and two fragrances in honor of their upcoming exhibition, “Midnight Mass”, an interactive installation celebrating the rebellious attitude of club scenes across the world- past, present and future. Revolution is the name of game, and we were inspired by the street protests of civil resistance called the Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia, which led to a thorough democratization of the country and free elections, as well as the peaceful Velvet (or gentle) Revolution of Czechoslovakia, which effectively restored democracy in the country.  We were equally inspired by the civil rights protests, black power movement and the recent Women’s March in our country and it’s incredible history of protesting in the fight for human rights. We created hand collaged bottles for these scents, each one limited and numbered and will be exhibited on Friday, March 17th, 2017.

House of Cherry Bomb has also created a Diffusion scent for The “Midnight Mass” experience, a multi-sensory, “concept” event taking form as a dance party on March 24th, 2017. The scent is  named “4 Am” with notes of clove cigarette, leather Jacket, musk, weed, cheap beer and heavy metal.

The Perfumes:

RESIST is a loud, strong scent- the battle cry of millions of
protesters, trails of smoke and metal, oud, cement, jasmine and blood.

PUSSY is as sensual as it is powerful, embodying the brilliance and tenacity of feminists the world over. Leather, amber, musk, fig, tuberose, honey, labdanum.

Protest Perfumes are $180.00 2oz. bottles, hand collaged and numbered, limited editions. Please email for availability.

10% of the perfume sales will go to charity-PUSSY sales go to Planned Parenthood, while RESIST sales go to American Civil Liberties Union.


The Cherry Bomb girls sporting our handmade Pussy Hats on the way to the Women’s March.

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