IMMORTAL BELOVED in all its bejeweled glory. This is the “reincarnation” of Immortal Beloved, an all natural fragrance composed of rare Moroccan oud, million year old amber, precious flowers from the Himalayan mountains, lily of the valley, and traces of Egyptian resins, vintage oils and a melange of secret notes. This is a complex, decadent fragrance, as luxurious as its hand blown glass and filagree bottle.


The rare essences of Immortal Beloved contained in a hand blown Bohemian crystal bottle with hand laid filagree.

Immortal Beloved is the soil from an unmarked grave. One single drop of blood from a slayed Wyvern, the sweet elixir of dying jasmine and fading neroli. Amber found in ancient tombs of civilizations lost. Longing. Essence of smoke from the funeral pyre. A cut of material from Bela Lugosi’s cape, the dust from a bat’s wing. Wood resins gathered from the Forest of The Dead, Myrrh scraped from the cliffs of The Dark Realm. Precious ouds unearthed from burning desert sands. Wax dripping from black, white and pink candles, ashes of a Phoenix, words from a dead poets mouth. Rare herbs found in a cathedral’s forgotten garden. Desire.

Immortal Mine Perfume

Immortal Beloved Perfume is available in its pure oil form and  EDP Spray

at House of Cherry Bomb.


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