HOUSE OF CHERRY BOMB perfumers, Maria McElroy and Alexis Karl have created The Atelier Line, composed of six scents hand blended and bottled in the Aroma M Atelier. The fragrances are inspired by various art works, musical compositions, and the travels of the two perfumers.


TOBACCO COGNAC is a deep scent composed of 35 million year old fossilized amber, rare vintage musks and precious ouds that have rested in shelves for fifty years, deepening over time. This scent is one sipping cognac by the fire, of decadent nights filled with mystery. It leaves a sweet smoky trace on the skin. Purchase here


CARDAMOM ROSE is an all natural, delicate fragrance with an exotic air. Moroccan Rose is married with the complex spice of cardamom and subtle hints of orange. This is a fragrance that evokes travels to distant lands, markets overspilling with lush fruits, colorful flowers, and days bathed in sunlight. Purchase here


TUBEROSE TOBACCO COGNAC is a dark, heady scent with remarkably rich tuberose, drops of precious ambergris,vintage Arabian musks, and a melange of deep resins and flowers. This is the scent of sensuality. Head spinning and voluptuous, it leaves a trace of smoke on the skin…warming and seducing all the while. Purchase here


VIOLET GREEN TEA HONEYSUCKLE is an elegant scent that lilts delicately on the skin. Rare natural violet and hints of rich muguet are balanced with a crisp green tea and sweetened with honeysuckle. The fragrance is classically beautiful with a modern edge. It reminds one of silk kimonos and celadon vases, of sipping tea in a garden on a summer’s night. Purchase here


Coffee Amber Vanilla delves into the dark with bitter coffee, madagascar vanilla and a pairing of deep, amber, chestnut and agar woods. Many secret notes lie beneath, delicate hints of resins and ouds that call to the seduction of a cold evening. Purchase here


PINK HAZE is the scent of tree lined Brooklyn streets, of stone buildings, both old and new, and of the hot metal of subway cars. It is the heady yet ephemeral scent of gardens blooming with lily of the valley,  gardenia, lilac and honeysuckle on early summer nights. It is beauty of light pollution tinting the sky pink, and the energy of throngs of people. Purchase here

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