House of Cherry Bomb is thrilled to introduce Iris Oud, the new Grande Dame of the HOCB Atelier line. We have embraced classic French perfumery for this fragrance, blending an array of natural iris, violet and vanilla notes with our sultry and complex Oud accord; created of vintage and rare oils from around the world, with a base of deep forest notes, touches of honey, and echos of Arabian jasmine.

Deep, decadent, elegant and remarkably complex, Iris Oud is a perfume which carries many secrets within. We played with a melange of vintage notes vibrating with leather-smoke-dirt, enwrapping the more delicate beeswax absolute, powdery florals. Yet, there is a humidity within: chypre and fougère that resonate with moss and earth.

The fragrance recollects evening forests: silken slippers treading on wet, fallen leaves, satin cloaks caught on dark branches overhead.

Iris Oud whispers a tale if you take a moment to listen…

Iris Oud is available in a 1 oz EDP hand- etched bottle adorned with a violet leather ribbon at both American Perfumer and House of Cherry Bomb’s Etsy for $100.00.


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