We are thrilled to present IMMORTAL BELOVED

In its new form, this all natural fragrance entwines the mystery of dark, vintage ouds and million year old amber resins, with that of stunning Moroccan henna flower, drops of precious beeswax absolute, and tobacco flower. A shadow of ambergris, labdanum and chypre are touched with traces of delicate lily of the valley and Madagascar vanilla.

Immortal BELOVED is sensual and complex, an olfactory story of Gods and Goddesses, beauty, power, and love eternal. We have envisioned the fragrance of immortality using rare and precious elements from nature. Immortal Mine II resonates through time, reflecting the light and dark of this mortal coil, and the marvelous complexity of being.

Immortal BELOVED is available in these various incarnations:


1/3 oz (10 ml) oil based perfume in a hand blown, gold filagree, Czechoslovakian glass bottle. $150.00


1/3 oz (10 ml) EDP in a red metal purse atomizer.$50.00

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